Interactive Media Production

Webcasting - With a reduction in media staffs & corporate travel, Webcasting your press conference or event LIVE allows media, employees, consumers or students to attend without ever leaving their desks. Today's faster Internet connections and improved technology make webcasting easier, more reliable and more accessible.

Event Video Archiving - Make video of your press conference or event available on your website for future use. An edited version which conveys highlights is a valuable resource for viewers unable to attend your event. Allowing your audience to view the material at their convenience increases the chances of your message being seen and heard.

Video Hosting - If you don't have the storage or bandwidth capacity to host video on you own site, let newscast carry the burden that would otherwise be placed on your infrastructure. We simply supply a link which is embedded in a viewer on your homepage so that visitors never leave your site. newscast can also create a customized viewer.

Internet Video Distribution - Sites such as YouTube and Yahoo! Video are expanding rapidly. There are over 15 widely used sites and the list keeps growing. By distributing your video on these sites, you greatly expand your audience potential. These sites garner over 3 billion combined video views a month, and that number increases as people continue to turn to the web for video. newscast produces content specifically designed for the web viewing experience. We also encode the video for each specific site and optimize the tags for search engine optimization.

EPKs - Adding video to your Electronic Press Kits has many advantages, namely it provides the media with a more visually interesting presentation of your material, as well as greater options for them to work with your story. newscast can supply video in the appropriate formats required by the varied media platforms.