Visual Consultancy

Helping Clients Tell Their Story Visually. By identifying opportunities and creating visual content using the newest tools and technology, newscast helps companies gain exposure in the media and on the web.

newscast specializes in:

  • advising on the news potential of stories with a pictorial angle
  • providing a range of picture ideas based on our experience of the media
  • setting up and producing the picture
  • distributing the picture, in an industry-standard format, to our media contacts

Why choose Visual Consultancy:

  • helps you identify stories when you have them and creates them when you don't
  • tells you what parts of your business and its operations have picture possibilities
  • can help your business become more picture-aware and teach you how to harness the power of images
  • can advise you on the images you should have in reserve for use against crises and general issues as and when they arise

newscast will provide:

  • Initial free picture advice for businesses and communication agencies
  • A selection of free visual ideas that communicate brand messages effectively
  • Free visual communications seminars for in-house communications teams and their agencies