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With approximately 12,000 radio stations in the U.S. airing programming 24/7, stations are constantly looking for newsy, informative content. For a minimal investment, Audio News Releases (ANRs) and Radio Media Tours (RMTs) deliver powerful results.

Audio News Releases - Produced in a news-style format, your 60-second ANR is placed on radio stations around the country, resulting in guaranteed, measurable results. Your message remains intact and unedited, airing in its entirety, and contains compelling soundbites from your spokesperson with a professional voiceover.

Radio Media Tours - With radio still remaining a top source for news during morning and afternoon drive-times, Radio Media Tours are a highly effective platform to target your specific demographic. Whether it's a celebrity promoting a new film, a healthcare professional addressing medical issues and treatment options, or a technology expert predicting trends, RMTs allow for interview opportunities with multiple radio stations around the country over a short period of time. RMTs also provide flexibility for your spokesperson, as they can conduct the interviews remotely, i.e., from their home, office or hotel room.