Photography and Distribution


Our team of award-winning photographers has in-depth knowledge of what different media want, and we will propose ideas and generate pictures that meet those different needs. With offices in New York and London, affiliates in Dublin, Sydney, Paris and Hong Kong, and a global network of photographers newscast can undertake any assignment, anywhere. We provide photography to:

  • enhance coverage of financial calendar and other corporate announcements
  • support Mergers & Acquisitions activity
  • support PR and other brand marketing campaigns
  • assist crisis management
  • publicize new executive appointments
  • craft compelling Executive portraits
  • pictorially enhance annual reports
  • illustrate CSR initiatives
  • visually elaborate the depth and breadth of a business


Critical to any PR campaign is placement in the media. newscast excels in the distribution of images to newsrooms through our longstanding relationships with photo editors and reporters around the world. While we cannot guarantee your story will get media coverage, our long list of contacts ensures that our pictures get seen and maximizes the chances of coverage. Images are also uploaded to newscast online, a virtual image library available to over 18,000 journalists in 80 countries.

Distribution Services include:

  • submission to major wire services
  • direct transmission to over 1200 photodesks via AP PhotoExpress
  • multimedia distribution via Mediaiblast MNR to over 6,000 media outlets
  • specifically created media lists according to target regions
  • international distribution
  • newscast online media library