Digital Asset Management

A complete image library solution for our corporate customers. newscast Image Library Plus provides a tailored image library, individually designed and branded, which sits on intranet and internet sites, becoming a seamless part of those sites. Internal and external visitors are able to view and download content without any sense of leaving those sites.

ILP is hosted on newscast's servers and requires no in-house capacity. Customers can host as many images as they require - in addition to press releases, annual reports, and audio and video clips - without system failure concerns.

ILP is completely secure and password protected according to requirements. From an internal communications perspective, internal audiences can have complete, partial or limited access to material on the site. From an external perspective, visitors to the ILP will see only the content that the owner chooses to make available.

newscast's proprietary software gives the option of uploading content. Whether content is managed by the owner or left to the newscast team, images appear in an industry standard format, acceptable to media audiences worldwide.

ILP adds value to both internal and external communications strategies by allowing easy access to multi-media content, illustrating a company's activities, and enhancing its reputation.