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More Media Outlets Are Using Interactive Content, allowing viewers to engage the story in the order they choose. Multi-media content such as Flash stories and video creates interest and delivers more information than a traditional print story. newscast produces and delivers this content to web-based media, expanding they ways companies get their stories out.

TV is no longer limited to your television. Video has become an important asset in all phases of marketing and brand awareness from video on your company’s website to DVD tutorials and offering the content of your video news release to media outlets where they can include your video on their sites.

Adding video to your website and to your media mix allows you to craft a full-scale multi-media presentation. It also allows
you to cross over to several different platforms. Newspapers feature videos on their websites and radio websites now include pictures. In fact, as more and more people turn to the web for their news and information, a website needs to be able to provide its readers with a complete content package that, to effectively stand out, must include photographs and moving images.

newscast will help its clients provide the most effective video content for their websites and for outlets that are using their video. Polished and edited packages as well as raw video can be linked from our site to yours and from our site to the sites where your video will be viewed.

The ways to see video content on line increases everyday from the web-share sites to news sites and podcasts. At newscast we understand today’s web and media environment and will help you get your message out there, through dramatic images and moving video.