Executive Media Training

oneWorld Video Camera Hockey On Street Interview
Executive Media Training Real world media training. Your people get one chance with a media interview, make sure they come across as the leaders they are.

  • Bright Lights
  • Big Cameras
  • People Talking in Your Ear

The camera in your phone takes decent video, but it's not about the video, it's about the experience. Having bright lights and a big camera in your face is intimidating, and being able to ignore that is one of the keys to a good interview.

Live remote interviews can be even more unnerving because you can't see the people talking to you, you can only hear them through the often ill-fitting earpiece in your ear.

And anyone who has ever faced the media knows one has to be ready to handle the tough questions...which is why we are not afraid to prepare you by asking you the questions that will make you uncomfortable. In fact, we excel at it.

You and your team have worked hard to get exposure in the media - take one more step to ensure the opportunities are maximized.

Message Creation

The TV is on, the coffee is heating up in the microwave, and the phone just pinged with yet another early morning text. Is your message interesting and targeted enough to cut through the commotion?

There is more to making the point than simply stating the actual message. For example, the way a message is structured matters. The cadence of a sentence matters. Your choice of examples matters. We can bring a journalist's eye and the branding and marketing experience needed to craft messages that deliver.

Communications Strategy

Whether you have a small shop and need assistance crafting a strategic media plan, or you simply want an outsider's view of your existing plan, we can bring more than two decades of experience working for blue-chip brands to the table. We can assist you with:

Identification of key audiences and the most effective ways to reach them: Don't waste energy chasing coverage that will not move the needle on your business objectives.

Determination of spokespeople.

Establishment of roll-out strategy including but not limited to identification of media targets, use of exclusives, events, social media.

There is no such thing as a common approach. We will take your specific goals and help you create a well-thought through and targeted plan, including advice on how to handle particular media outlets (often the approach is different from outlet to outlet.)

We will also provide recommendations on metrics for measurement of success.

On-Site Media Management

From major news conferences, to celebrity entertainment events and intensive media tours, our team has developed the ability to manage media of all kinds. Should you need assistance maneuvering any complicated media waters, we are available to accompany you on single-day or multiple-stop engagements.